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How many passengers does a Ford F-150 hold?

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Determining Ford F-150 maximum seating capacity

If you search for the pickup truck that helps you get your job done, the Ford F-150 must be the first to come to mind. It has an impressive towing capacity and provides great payload figures, but that’s not all that it can offer. With the F-150, you’ll have a comfortable ride, thanks to its spacious dimensions.

The seating capacity also plays a vital role in the comfort of the ride. Below, we’ll present to you everything we know about the F-150 seating capacity.

As you know, for its pickup, Ford offers three cab configurations – Regular Cab, SuperCab, and SuperCrew. Depending on whether you choose front bucket seats, the F-150 can seat two or three passengers in Regular Cab models and five or six guests in SuperCab and SuperCrew.

The F-150 seats are very comfortable and roomy. The drivers appreciate the excellent visibility in any direction. The grown adults can enjoy the long rides seating on the rear seats without any problem in both SuperCab and SuperCrew models. With the SuperCrew you’ll get more legroom for your comfort. As for the upholstery, cloth upholstery is standard for all F-150 trim levels. With Lariat and other upper models, you can have standard leather seating.

Ford offers for the F-150 Max Recline front seats. It is a brand-new feature that gives you the necessary comfort while reclining in your truck. You can bend flat to almost 180 degrees (we don’t recommend doing this while driving). The back half of the seat is also raised by those seats by 3.5 inches to make the flat surface that protects your lower back. The high part of the seatback can also be extended to act as neck support, as the upper-class aircraft seats. It may be not so cozy like beds, but it’s a better napping setup than other trucks offer.

As the Ford management affirms, the factor that has inspired them to create the Max Recline Seats is the regulated beds shown on the TV. The purpose of those seats - to allow the passengers to feel more relaxed while having a break. They’re sure the F-150 drivers spend a lot of time on the road and having some period for the rest will contribute to their daily productivity.

The Max Recline Seats aren’t only for those who want to relax in the truck. The seats were created for the workers who have to relax in the truck during free time regularly. Moreover, these seats are perfect for the campers who spend many nights in the vehicle. These seats are available with the upper trim levels - King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited.

In case you need to install child safety seats, the SuperCab and SuperCrew configurations give you such a possibility. For this aim, they offer two complete sets of LATCH connectors in the back of the truck.

Now you have everything about the Ford F-150 seats – how many people it can carry if its seats are comfortable, and what innovations for the seats Ford has used for its best-selling truck. If you choose this truck, be sure you’ll have a comfortable ride.


Legally, a Ford F-150 with five seat belts can only hold five passengers.

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