Ford Explorer Towing Capacity

How many passengers does a Ford Explorer hold?

Determining Ford Explorer maximum seating capacity

If you have been thinking of getting a new Ford Explorer, it is always good to check how many passengers you can safely fit in the vehicle before you buy. Most Ford vehicles offer great fuel economy and they are very roomy inside, but there are still some limitations as far as how many people a car can safely accommodate before you should think about buying one. The best way to figure out the maximum capacity is to go to your local Ford dealer and have them check the numbers for you.

Ford has created a front air door that can easily expand to allow more passengers, which is located between the front two seats of the Ford Explorer. If you have a tall passenger or a person with a handicap, you may want to consider either purchasing a rear-facing wheelchair or installing a mobility lift. These will allow you to climb up into the front passenger seat and have enough room to comfortably sit down.

Ford does offer some rear-facing handicap accessible seats, however, they are very limited in the number of seats. This means that you will be limited to the amount of rear-facing seats that can be replaced. You may only be able to add one to your vehicle. Also, these will not increase your seating capacity. They will offer only a minimal increase in seat height.

The reason why these seats are limited is that if a child in the front is shorter than the average child, the taller child will not fit through the opening in the back. This could be dangerous as well as uncomfortable for the child. To overcome this problem, most automakers have made these seats slightly longer than the front ones. This means that you can fit two children who are of the same age into the car without any problems.

On the other hand, if you have a slightly longer seat in the front, it will allow your youngster to get into the car without any trouble. He or she will also be able to sit behind you comfortably when you do pull out the chair. You also do not have to worry that he or she might fall out of the back as most of these types of seats have been designed with a safety belt to secure the child. Some types even have a harness or a wrap-around belt to secure the child. This has been found to be a lot safer than using a regular seatbelt.

These types of seats are also made adjustable. There is a wide range of adjustments that you can make to the seat in order to suit your needs. You can adjust the height, the backrest depth, the height of the armrests, and of course the front end position.

All Ford Explorer seats are made with a fabric cover as well as foam padding. They also include a five-point harness which is made to strap on tightly and to hold the child securely. The seat snaps easily into place and is supported by a sturdy base. Most models will fit into most standard car seats.

Ford Explorer seats can be found at most auto parts stores or even in some furniture stores. You may also find these seats online at various sites. If you have the ability to choose your own colors, you will probably want to shop online for your seat. Since the seats come in a wide array of colors, there is no need to stick with the usual white, gray, black, or blue. The internet will allow you to shop for the exact model and color you want.


Legally, a Ford Explorer with five seat belts can only hold five passengers.