What is our mission?

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Drivers need information about car seating capacity and how to solve related problems. Car seats are often uncomfortable and can be a major problem for drivers.

Thus, Seating Capacity provides informative articles about car seats and how to choose the right one for you. We also provide helpful hints about solving common problems with car seats. Our goal is to help drivers find the information they need to make informed decisions about their vehicles and products for their vehicles.

As a driver or a passenger, you must know that uncomfortable seating or vehicle seats can cause health problems. You must follow certain safety rules while driving or sitting in the car to avoid injuries and accidents while driving.

A brief history of cars shows that many years ago, there were no separate seats for drivers and passengers; only one seat was available for both. People had to sit upright facing backward, because of which they used to feel tired after traveling long distances. Eventually, people realized that it is better if the driver sits behind another person who sat on a chair since then automobile manufacturers started designing car seats with two parts; front-back and left-right; along with headrests. These design changes made traveling more comfortable than ever!

On Seating Capacity you will also learn that there is a relationship between seating capacity and safety rules for vehicles because if you travel with more passengers than your vehicle can carry, it may cause injury and accident while driving and minimizes your safety of yours as well as your passenger's life.

Our experts provide useful tips about making existing car seat cushions or covers more comfortable by adding padding or even covering them up with new fits.

A word from our founder

Greetings! I am Ulpio Terán Concepción. I am the founder of Seatingcapa.city, an online store that sells car seat covers. I have always been interested in cars, and have worked as a tears designer in the past.

When I was given the opportunity to start my own business, I seized it with both hands. This has been a new challenge for me, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. It was a challenge for myself, that I accepted and now I am looking forward to my future. I`m eager to hire new professionals to our little family-like team, that works from the laptop, just because we love what we`re doing!

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